African Brand Link Team

Lacia Gess is the Director and founder of African Brand Link (Pty) Ltd.  Lacia owned her previous company for 12 years in the built sector.  Her background includes being partner and director for Ahle-x (Pty) Ltd, an experiential training company, where she assisted with programme design, event management, course facilitation and B2B networking for delegates coming in from all over Africa. Lacia is also editor and content manager of AfricanBrandLink. 

Email:    lacia [at]

Renier van Schalkwyk is the General Manager. Renier’s background includes working at senior management level for Magren Services in Ghana, as well as owner and General Manager of RJ Consulting Services Ghana where he worked on projects for africaJUICE BV and MARSS Processing Company LTD. Renier’s work history includes Managing Director for PINORA LIMITED in Ghana.  Prior to this, he was the International Operations Manager for Rhodes Food Group, and before that he was General Manager of Rhodes Foods International and Rhodes Foods (Europe) Ltd.

Email:    renier [at] 

Rod Baker is Content Consultant at AfricanBrandLink and prior to that was Content Director at Before that he was Editor, Africa Online, a large (possibly the largest) online news source for Africans in the Diaspora, and prior to that Editor of Bona, then South Africa’s biggest Black market magazine (monthly sales of 300000+ and a monthly readership of 2.9m+). He was publisher of three black-market publications and a newspaper. He has edited many books, and authored a number of very successful ones – one of which was translated into a number of Eastern European languages.

Email:   rod [at]

Robin Parker is Research Manager.  Robin’s background includes working with Bizcommunity as Managing Director. The company received a Pan African Award during his time there for development of a Rest of Africa marketing portal. Prior to this Robin spent 5 years in Kenya as Group Head of marketing and content for The African Lakes Corporation Ltd. He developed the largest Africa-wide commercial and content portal Africa Online. Prior to this he worked with the PRIMEDIA/Datatec Group as Editorial Director of Metropolis (Pty) Ltd and prior to that for (Pty) Ltd where he was Founding/marketing Director and General Manager where he lead the team that created the largest content and commercial online offering in South Africa.

Email:   robin [at]