Agreement will protect Canadian business and provide new opportunities for them to invest and grow.

Dr Andy Davids, Aurecon’s Buildings

The Africa Trade Fund (AfTra) will support the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), in providing and disseminating critical European market information to African exporters.

ethiopian320.jpgThe UK Space Agency has appointed Avanti Communications to deliver a crucial air navigation proje

The peaceful election in Nigeria, with a new government coming in, bodes well for the Nigerian economy, which is good news for those in the marketing and retail sectors… A healthy economy usually means people have more money to spend… (Videos)

ETHIOPIA: A large domestic market and an increasing number of skilled workers are turning Ethiopia into an investment destination. Some have already dubbed Ethiopia as the 'Bangladesh of Africa' and with good reason.

South Africa and Algeria have agreed to enhance the trade and investment relations between the two countries.

With Mozambique’s Ministry of Resources and Energy now merged, the country has taken another major step towards its 2025 vision for gas and power development.


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