The construction of a new terminal at Ghana’s flagship airport – Kotoka International Airport – is expected to make the country a destination of choice with a yearly target of 5 million passengers

While Africa has had its share of setbacks over the past few years – from South Africa’s growing corruption woes and political unrest to terrorism in Nigeria, Egypt and Mali – it is still an attractive market for foreign expansion.

According to Furriel, the continents’ full potential will remain unfulfilled unless we address the challenges of poor infrastructure, small and fragmented markets, under-developed production structures and inadequate economic transformatio

Proposed tax law change on foreign employment income exemption – Expect a lot of South Africans returning home/emigrating  Author: Jerry Botha, Managing Partner, Tax Consulting

Six events, under one roof, planned to create Dubai International Hospitality Week (DIHW) from the 18 to 20 September at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and will include GulfHost, The Hotel Show and The Lei

The African Development Bank spends approximately 40 million Euros a year on goods, works and services for its internal requirements and lists solicitations for goods, works and services on their website...

The ADIE (the state agency in charge of the information technology policy) (https://www.ADIE.sn) has formalized today the dematerialisation of two procedures of the urban planning services: obtaining the

New service adds international remittances to Huawei’s suite of mobile money products servicing over 100 million accounts…

South Africa is the 19th country to sign the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) agreement and when it comes into force, once all the countries have submitted their instruments of ratification, it will reduce tariffs and create new export

Adapting modern technologies, integrating agricultural imputs and ecology based farming are some of the major tools in facilitating the agriculture sector transformation...


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