JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA: A study released recently by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting capability based in Africa, has found t

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA: The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has released trade statistics for January 2016 that recorded a trade deficit of R17.87bn.

JOHANNESBURG, SA: Gerhard Hartman (@hartmangerhard), Head of Department: Sage HR & Payroll Interna

Companies in all sectors, geographies and stages of growth are shifting toward strategies centred on being a smart connected business...

One of the most significant changes in the business landscape over the past decade has been the growth of African companies north of the Limpopo

When it comes to strategic planning, the humorist Sam Levenson makes a keen observation: ‘Some people are so good at learning the tricks of the trade that they never get to learn the trade...’

By Sid Peimer*

LONDON, UK: For ease of business, ease of conformity with legislation, Ireland has been ranked top. Check out the ranking for South Africa Mauritius in the downloadable report…

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE: According to a report from Transparency International and its chapter in Mozambique, the Centre for Public Integrity, better enforcement of anticorruption laws needed to clean up business in Mozambique…

With an unemployment rate of 25.5%, rising to 50% among young people, joblessness is rightly seen as a national issue—and a political hot potato…

Carol Paton, reporting in BD Live, writes that Jacob Zuma last night ‘launched a last-minute bid to save his own and SA’s credibility in a speech heavily focused on the economy, aimed at staving off a credit ratin


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