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There is a trillion-dollar opportunity to industrialize Africa, to meet rising domestic demand and create a bridge-head in global export markets

Find the latest open tenders and procurement opportunities across Africa, all sectors and countries

Adesina: "Today is a day of delight, when we shine the light on a part of Africa that doesn't always get the attention it deserves."

Forum to advance projects to bankable stages, raise capital, and accelerate financial closure of deals

Africa Tenders with United Nations Global Marketplace...

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Imagine 2040, facial recognition will personalise shopping trips, entertainment venues will shift from in-seat to choose-your-own experience and connected mirrors will serve as a personal stylist.

Speaking at a retreat of African permanent representatives based in Addis Ababa, Ms. Songwe said most African countries were facing similar issues in an ever-more challenging global context

The seminar hosted by Wesgro gave a great overview of trade and investment in the Scandinavian regions and highlighted  opportunities, including those offered by Fairtrade.

A new report by political and security risk consultancy A2 Global Risk offers guidance to businesses and the risks they are likely to face after Kabila steps down

The speakers again called for youths to be ‘solutionists’ and urged them to be innovative, sensitive to opportunities in Africa and create their own social enterprises that could earn them sustainable financial freedom through career in th


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