Why Africa? Because market demand across industries in Africa is so high that supply cannot keep up with it.

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA: The prime minister also says that the country's "solid foundation" lends itself to a quick economic recovery, following months of violent protests.

NAIROBI,KENYA: The Kenyan Airways  pilots' union has called for an indefinite strike in protest of "poor management". The airline says the threatened action has already cost it.


MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE: The latest tenders for Mozambique here: Click here.

MASERU, LESOTHO: The latest tenders here: Click here.

ACCRA, GHANA:The latest tenders for Ghana - Click here.

Recent high-profile transactions in the Sub-Saharan Africa hotel sector have industry experts predicting increased liquidity, leading to more open-market transactions in the future.

Private equity investment in Africa continues to go from strength to strength, evidenced by a new report from the 

The “Africa Rising’’ narrative has been put on hold, due to a couple of macroeconomic factors impacting the economic growth of the giant countries of Africa.


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