KAMPALA, UGANDA: In July 2017, GeoPoll implemented a targeted survey in order to understand the impact of a series of interactive rural radio programs produced by 

Africa Tenders with United Nations Global Marketplace...

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According to the analysis by Andrew Slaughter , clean water in not certain in many regions in Africa, droughts are predicted to intensify under climate change and with population growth, industrialisation and pollution alternative water su

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has banned imports of several products in its effort to fight smuggling, according to media reports.

Kenya’s regional electronic passports to be rolled out in September, government announces.

High data prices have held back streaming video services in Africa, connections are unreliable and speeds are slow.

Africa: African Development Bank Invitation to bid...

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Google has grown to dominate the internet for much of the world and is the ‘face’ of the internet for many. However, few understand much about how its algorithm works or how the data being collected is used.

The White Paper for South African Migration was released on 28 July 2017 by the Department of Home Affairs.

In Ghana, Feed the Future works to enhance agricultural productivity, links farmers to market and trade opportunities, and boost the nutrition of the most vulnerable populations


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