The National Development Plan (NDP) proposes diversity and alternative energy resources and energy supply options

The app builds on the core functionality that saw the original version applauded as a game changer for African banking

The African Development Bank has expanded its flagship publication, the African Economic Outlook, with five regional reports.

Africa Tenders with United Nations Global Marketplace, Invitation to bid on Africa Tenders...

Find a list of tenders here

The increase was helped by very strong growth on the trade lanes to and from Asia driven by ongoing foreign investment flows into Africa

The President notified Congress and the Government of Rwanda of his intent to suspend duty-free treatment for all AGOA-eligible apparel products from Rwanda in 60 days

List of Africa Tenders with United Nations Global Marketplace...

Find a list of tenders here

The National Minimum Wage legislation marks an important new milestone in the history of labour relations in South Africa

He stated that the AfCFTA is an economic imperative to address the challenge of small and fragmented markets

The spotlight on water is at the heart of all conversations in South Africa with questions mainly being raised around sustainable water management, government’s role in the securing access of clean water for all citizens


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