PRETORIA, SA / HAVANA, CUBA: The South African government will support companies that want to take advantage of trade and investment opportunities in Cuba

HARARE, ZIMBABWE: According to a BBC report, Zimbabwe is to ban the use of electric water heaters and require all newly built properties to use s

The Cape Chamber’s International Trade Desk will host the Renewable Energy Sector Delegation organised by the Polish government. 

Africa is at an exceptional historical crossroad. If there was ever a moment for an entire continent to seize the day, this is it, says PwC... 

The capacity for micro, small and medium enterprises to realise their potential role in climate action is restricted by a lack of access to climate finance.

WASHINGTON DC, US: The rapid development of Africa’s private sector and emergence of a new class of leading African companies were highlighted at the Initiative for Global Development’s Frontier

MBOMBELA, SA: Wool yields are set to fall dramatically this year, while water and food shortages are preventing normal sheep breeding, the Mpumalanga National Wool Growers' Association has warned…

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA: Executives who follow a capabilities-driven strategy will make their companies more coherent and gain a competitive advantage in the African markets where they have decided to e

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: In order to save water, the City of Cape Town is reusing over 6% of the effluent that passes through its treatment works, for irrigation and industrial purposes.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH  AFRICA: According to a report by Wiseman Khuzwayo in IOL’s Business Report, ‘a continuation of the downturn in the private sector has reached a 15-month low, with o


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