illumina-4.jpgIllumina has a long and rich history. We are respected in the South African lighting industry because of a product selection which has stood the test of time, both in design and quality. We manufacture locally and we are also an importer of light fittings...

Illumina is known for excellence in service and we strive to continue to always keep our customers happy with the delivery of quality products and through efficient service.

illumina-3.jpgBOXES OF LIGHT™ - As an importer of lights Illumina has recently launched three sub-ranges which are easily distinguishable from our competitors by their affordable pricing, great quality and beautifully designed packaging.illumina-5.jpg

Look out for LuxLumina™ and LivLumina™ packaging in classic shades of grey designs and SecLumina™ in bold and distinctive blue packaging. Ask for them by name at your local lighting retailer or find them on the shelves of mass retailers such as Builders Warehouse and GAME.

As a manufacturer of Shades and light fittings, Illumina supplies many of the major retailers who market these products under their own brand.

Our established project division has specialises in one-off designs for hotels and functional designs for apartment block renovation projects as well as contemporary design-style ranges for lighting retailers who focus on fashionable light fittings.

We are an ISO 9001 accredited business and we manufacture to SABS specifications.