Impact Solutions

Calvin Reck and Susan Hume founded Impact Solutions in 2008, as the original supplier of a range of imported wall protection systems. But then Calvin and Susan decided they could do it better, faster, and cheaper in South Africa

impact-sol-1.jpgWalls, doors and infrastructure need protection from passing traffic, particularly the high-volume traffic in facilities such as public buildings, hospitals and the like, and Calvin and Susan are fully aware of the importance of reducing long term maintenance on a building, by offering protection solutions of excellent quality and excellent prices. To do that, Impact Solutions is a small operation with overheads kept to the minimum and the price benefits passed on to its customers.

The Impact Solutions team has a long-term goal to be Southern Africa's leading supplier of wall protection systems. We generate trust through reliable, transparent and open behaviour and aim to foster partnerships that mutually benefit all parties and the community.

Impact Solutions must be synonymous with sustainable building protection systems in this region. We embrace diversity and respect peoples’ opinions. 

Impact Solutions is committed to manufacturing a locally designed, sourced and delivered product that outperforms any other product available and offers personal attention and is constantly evolving its product offering to improve on quality, range of products and lead times. All products are sourced, extruded and injection moulded in South Africa and we have an efficient distribution centre in Pretoria.

The team
impact-sol-team.jpgCalvin has a background in specialist coatings and heavy duty building protection products while Susan has a background in interior design and architectural specification for commercial and healthcare developments in Sub Saharan Africa.

Visit the Impact Solutions website for more information on the company’s range of products and services, or send a message.