Javan Fabrications (Pty) Ltd

Javan Fabrications is an equal opportunity based steel manufacturing company with experience in excess of 60 years in the steel manufacturing industry. The company is based in the Western Cape and we are currently operating from a 760 m² factory with an additional 1000 m² available to us as and when required. Our factory capacity allows us to accommodate contracts of 10 ton capacity lifts which are supported by our current overhead lifting facilities.

We have a staff compliment of 21 people of which 15 are HDI employees and one of these employees is also physically challenged. We have received Merseta accreditation for the training of apprentices in our environment (this is a key note of focus).
We specialise in the manufacture of medium to heavy mechanical equipment for the mining, energy, and marine based industries. This includes projects such as cranes, winches, and earth moving equipment. The process followed with the above is from the receiving of raw material to the completed product, i.e. fabrication, corrosion protection, machining, assembly and full functional factory acceptance testing before dispatch.