Lee-Chem Laboratories

Lee-Chem Laboratories has a prochem 2.jpgud track record in manufacture of personal care and toiletry products dating back to 1962.

The production facility is based in Durban, South Africa and the business is well established in all the major retail, pharmacy and wholesale groups in the country. The company currently export to 17 countries and is currently focused on expanding distribution of its brands.

DX Smooth and Mandy’s on the African continent.

The business mainly manufactures its own brands but also does some selective private label work.

Lee-Chem Laboratories has accreditation for the internationally recognized quality benchmark, ISO 22716 2007 accreditation for Good Manufacturing Practice in Cosmetics.

Further information on the company can be found on the website www.leechem.co.zachem 1.jpg

Product Profile

DX Smooth is a range of specialized products for African men with facial skin related problems, the foremost of these is ingrown hairs and razor bumps, with 50 -70 % of men suffering from this condition. DX Smooth Bump Shield products offer a solution to this problem and to the other main skin concerns that men have of oily and uneven skin tone as well as various body fresh products.

DX Smooth products offer superior functionally that is well-priced. This is an aspirational brand that resonates well with male consumers who want to be comfortable, look good and know an investment in their appearance will pay off.

For further information on DX Smooth products, visit our website www.dxsmooth.co.za

The Mandy's portfolio comprises a variety of hair removal products for women. Ease of use and convenience combined with economical pricing make this range very competitive .The extensive range ensures that each product caters to individual needs, preference and lifestyle. 

For more information on Mandy's products. Visit our website www.mandys.co.za

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