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African Brand Link, in partnership with the South Africa Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, recently held a very successful and informative forum at The River Club in Cape Town during which both the opportunities as well as the challenges of tra

African Brand Link and SA-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce in partnership will be hosting the Nigeria Trade and Business Forum on the 24th of October 2017, to pro

A ‘crazy idea’ has resulted in the ability to grow durum wheat in the extreme heat of famine-affected Senegal, Mauritania and Mali, potentially boosting the income for 1 million farming families, and therefore winning the 2017 Olam Prize f

Africa Tenders with United Nations Global Marketplace...

Find a list of tenders here

The Portfolio Committee Chairperson, Joanmariae Fubbs, urged the DTI to be firm in its approach in dealing with the industry

Company unveils SmartWIFI service offering at AfricaCom 2017

South African government has developed workable action plans with sectoral areas to upscale Africa’s industrialisation capacity in order to increase the production of value-added products for exports

This project will create opportunities for U.S. businesses in one of South Africa's growing sectors

A prepaid card backed by cryptocurrency Monaco has been approved by Visa Inc. , as the world’s biggest payments netwo

By Chris Heathcote, CEO of Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub), a G20 initiative.  Africa’s first roundtable on infrastructure governance is taking place in Cape Town this week. Chris Heathcote, CEO of Global Infr


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