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African Brand Link, in partnership with the South Africa Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, recently held a very successful and informative forum at The River Club in Cape Town during which both the opportunities as well as the challenges of tra

An urgent requirement for new investment into telecom and broadband infrastructure in Africa is driving a fresh flurry of deal activity across the continent, says TMT Finance

Africa Oil Week is bringing out some big guns in terms of analysis, inspiration and motivation

TMT Finance Africa in Cape Town

The now well-established TMT Finance Africa franchise has previously been held in Nairobi, Lagos and London annually since 2009

A recently published white paper by Euromonitor International reveals dynamic growth shifting from the region’s mature consumer markets in South African metropolises to the urban areas in other Sub-Saharan countries.

Refreshed conference approach aligned with ‘Business Unusual’ theme...

In 2002, South African Internet entrepreneur and space tourist Mark Shuttleworth lent his name to Cape Town’s new e-commerce hub in the city’s central business district (CBD)…

Proper planning is key to sustainable cities with opportunities for all…

According to a report by Graeme Hosken in today’s Times Live, Cape Town and Joburg can look forward to ‘clogged highways, grinding poverty, high-rise apartments and collapsing infrastructure’ in the not-to-distant

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: In order to save water, the City of Cape Town is reusing over 6% of the effluent that passes through its treatment works, for irrigation and industrial purposes.

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