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                                                                               What is it?

catan dogs 2.gifCatanDog’s is a unique bio-tech flea and tick repellent that keeps small animals, up to 70 kg, free of parasites without the need for toxic pesticides or other chemical treatments, which can cause allergies, sickness or discomfort.

                           How does it work?

An aluminium disc, charged with electromagnetic waves, that is simply attached to your pet’s collar. The tag’s electromagnetic field reacts with the animal’s natural electromagnetic field and creates a bio-resonant field that repels not only fleas and ticks, but all flying parasites. It is completely safe, non-toxic and has no side effects.*(Currently trials are also being carried out with horses.)Image 1B ENGLISH NEW Cat and Dog together TRUNCATED with COMPONENTS Draft 3 200916.jpeg

  • One-off, no-fuss treatment that lasts for up to 2 years
  • Huge cost savings – up to 80% – over conventional treatments
  • Safe for use on puppies and kittens, sick or pregnant pets
  • Improves blood circulation and keeps pets healthier and happier

CatanDog’s comes with certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and certain pharmaceutical agencies in the EU.

Since CatanDog’s prevents – as opposed to killing – parasites, you should ensure that your pet is pest free before attaching the disc. A proprietary chemical treatment and a bath with an anti-parasitic shampoo are recommended at the time the tag is attached to the collar. This ensures the pet is parasite free when the tag becomes effective.

Designed to provide permanent pet protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the CatanDog’s disc is chemical free, non-toxic and completely safe for cats and dogs of all weights and sizes, including sick, convalescent, pregnant and micro-chipped animals. It is also water resistant (including salt water) and unaffected by x-rays during veterinary examinations.

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